Jun 30th by Ian under Bird Watching

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31/6/13, been a fortnight since I observed the osprey's nest, still two youngsters but how they have grown! chicks are nearly the size of the parents. I got there early about 6.30 am and the female was sentinel by the eyrie edge and the chicks heads were sometimes seen, the male was gone, out fish winning. I got bored watching this as I always imagine the out of sight harriers are food exchanging and revealing their nest sites. Tempted I moved and saw no harriers for an hour, when a female with two yellow wing tags appeared hunting over the reeds, soon to disappear in a strong NW wind downriver.  Waiting and watching she did not reappear but and osprey did carrying a large fish, I quickly walked, scattering cattle, to see if he was feeding the nest I could observe or was he at another, as time went on 30 mins then 60 mins no male, no fish. Usually he will eat the head parts of the fish and after 30 mins or less bring it to the nest and reluctantly give it up. Meantime the female had risen of the nest and was sometimes seen flying around and sometimes not, but was flying Nth of the nest where the fish carrying Osprey might have been. So convincing myself harriers were food exchanging i went back to observe no harriers at all, am I seeing harriers hunting but nesting elsewhere? I think so. Back to the Ospreys the male was there, the female had a fish but the biggest chick was feeding herself. Just guessing it is a female. see pics of female adult and juv also a new flower to me a scarlet pimpernel, on waste ground in Devon. Also a pic of a robbed bumble bee nest, badger?

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