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I was at home on 15th and 16th of June, but garden work, real garden work, not the one armed stuff I am more familiar with, that is wandering around with a glass of whisky in my hand occasionally plucking out a weed with the other. Consequently on Sunday the 16th I had a few hours watching the Ospreys and Harriers. These spot checks either have luck or not for getting useful  observations, this was a non luck spot check, the ospreys do have two chicks though, the male was not around in the time I was there, and I guess the chicks had just finished feeding some time before I arrived as they were nestled in the nest cup and it was some time before I got a wobbley head count. The female was on the eyrie side and not brooding or calling for food. I noted the tree sparrow popping in and out of the eyrie structure, I only observe from one direction so it struck me that if the tree sparrows nested on the other side I could not conclude they were nesting in the eyrie, in fact being colonial nesters there could well be a couple of pairs on the other side. I did get good views of a male marsh harrier but not revealing any nest sites by food exchanges, I can't spend all day there so need lady luck with obsevations. The sun was shining periodically but where were the butterflies? I have not seen anything like the normal amount that I usually do, even in the garden within whose precincts I spent most of my weekend home time.

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