4/8/13, am, as I predicted (to myself) both juveniles on the wing and as it was low tide, down on the estuary sand banks. One was up to its tail washing the other standing doing the odd preen. It is obvious the independence of the pair to each other given the distance between them and just doing their own thing, in fact one flew off and the other remained. Both juvs had been ringed. I saw no adults so female could be gone with the male remaining or both adults may have gone leaving the juvs to migrate separately to each other as they do. I was wondering if the parents do any training for fish catching by dropping dead fish in ponds or in the river? not sure if this is documented. The juv that flew of had a few small flights landing with claws before him/her as if practising pouncing. added 6/8/13, according to "a life of Ospreys" the first fish a juv will catch will be on migration, so if a parent is around they will wait to be fed. No sign of harriers, not a glimmer. Plenty of large white butterflies feeding on thistles and in my garden, lavender and cat mint. May have mentioned the five domestic geese before, well still there, three white and two semi grey, aye xmas will soon be here, nights are drawing in. Good numbers of swifts screaming around, used to be about thirty, twenty odd years ago, last year there was about eight, last night about twenty screamed around the village and made me happy, or was it one armed gardening ( drinking whisky whilst wandering around the garden mentally listing tasks to eventually ignore) added 5/8/13 am, tide out and both juvs on sand banks but with the male nearby who was preening and ignoring the begging calls from one juv. I missed it happening (scanning for non-existent harriers) but one juv flew off leaving the male and the other juv, he/she was on the eyrie when I checked some time later. Thought I would check pm when tide was in and both juvs were on the eyrie, I could hear the begging calls of one juv as the slight wind was blowing towards me. On cue as I put the camera on the telescope both juvs flew off and had a quick fly around and settled on a nearby tree, expectant. After continuous begging by one individual for some 15 mins both juvs took off and had an extended fly around in pair formation and made playful? dives at each other, the attacked juv would quickly twist out of the way, they did this circling the eyrie then moved down the estuary and disappearedĀ  from view. Still no sign of the female or the male pm.  

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