24/9/13 and in Devon, still a few swallows about, my brother has seen skiens of wild geese  around Elgin, there are some here along with canada geese that frequent Decoy park. I cross the river Teign twice a day and regularly see a little Egret, and a visiting friend got a shot of it opposite the Passage house hotel, I was surprised to see three of them on the 22/9/13, if you look on bird guides photos you can see little egrets have been photographed for 11 years in Devon. I also noticed on the same site that photos of Cirl buntings are normally located as undisclosed site. Our office here in Devon is on what was rough pasture, and I look out on to the remainder of it, I have noticed before the breeding season that two carrion crows daily feed in the growing grass, now there are three, and they defend the site against pigeons but seem to tolerate magpies! It just shows the link between habitat and birds even on small patches of land. Unfortunately it has to go as it is the site of a slip road. where will the crows feed daily in peace next year? hopefully on the grassed up slopes of the slip roads if it contains the requiste creatures to help sustain a crow family. On crows, where I live in Bishopsteinton we have resident magpies, cackling away, but Ravens as well croncking high above the house and seemingly just flying for fun. A green woodpecker is heard frequently and one day I saw it on the pavement opposite the house, presumably eating ants, I did have a look but couldn't see any. The sea eagle is one of the Scottish east coast released birds photographed by my daughter, it is 4 years old and a female, the item hanging off her neck is the transmitter that of the many released she is the only one to slice through. They plan to re-catch her and remove it, good luck with that! For Scottish residents feast your eyes on common fleabane, the yellow plants, the photos are named but the camera wants all the credit!!  common here in Devon and a rarity in Scotland, Ireland has it's own type. Fleabane explains it's name as its smoke was used as an insecticide.  Also pictured is a thorn apple, a Datura plant and highly dangerous as it's an Hallucinogen and very poisonous, get the dosage wrong and you die. I looked it up on the internet and as the plant grows world wide there is lots of comment on it's effects, should you live to type them. In the last three weeks I have killed three house spiders, these long legged and rapid spiders unfortunately for them have no living space near me, I am so brave I tackle them with the yellow pages or the hoover, worst of all is getting up to pee in the dark and not knowing their whereabouts. Irrational I know. A female colleague recently got into bed and lay down on a dead slow worm the cat had kindly deposited right where she lay. I have handled slow worms and seen plenty but lying on one in the dark and jumping out of bed to see it coiled...........

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