Dec 27th by Ian under Bird Watching

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I saw our site friendly buzzard again eating human food, this time it was on top of the security cabin the food probably placed there by the guards. I know the contact call of long tailed tits and whilst standing quietly under a tree with about  a dozen of them feeding and calling, their calls all changed to a shrill Chree, Chree,Chree, then a buzzard flew over. so I had learned a new call, an alarm one. Within five minutes I heard it again and looked up, a female sparrow hawk cruised over the tree. I would not have seen the hawk were it not for that newly learned alarm call. I am sure I heard from experiments in America that chickadees make alarm calls depending on the threat, I did and here it is below, perhaps birds that are potential prey all do it. The sparrow hawk was a far more serious threat than a buzzard to the long tailed tits yet to my ears the calls were the same.

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