Industrial sites can be little oasis for nature, the picture of the grass snake was taken minutes before I took a tour of a concrete plant in Exeter. For some reason I thought grass snakes were about the same size as slow worms when fully grown, not so, they can grow up to 5 feet in old money and swallow a mature toad. The toad's poisonous skin not putting off a grass snake. The one pictured here  was taken by the most ubiquitous camera today, a smart phone, and its about 2 feet in length, just sorry I missed it as it would have been my first live encounter. The crested tit is still on my list for first encounters, and is one sent by colleague and friend David Leask from his black isle trip, now a post below. Down here at Newton Abbot, well Kingskerswell, we have a regular buzzard, seen daily by those with a window to the east, I have seen buzzards eating worms but never cast away human food, as pictured here, its hunting ground being around the site and our offices it is semi habituated to humans, so I got reasonably close to it with my site camera an Olympus TG-320 set on 3 Mpixels for email purposes.

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  1. ThePath January 4, 2014 at 11:59 am

    That’s why buzzards are common I guess. They adapt. I’ve never seen any snake in the wild in the UK.

    • Ian January 6, 2014 at 7:05 pm

      i came back from west Africa (1979) where I had some near experiences with snakes, but not as close as leaping over a outlet pipe from a dam and finding below me an adder coiled up and presumably asleep, i split my legs to avoid squashing the adder and ran back to my car for my camera, on returning of course the adder had gone but I did enter the record books that day as i discovered within about 10mins of the adder encounter the third pair of recorded breeding red backed shrikes in Scotland. if i am famous for anything it is this and i have never told you.

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