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In the open plan office in Sth Devon I am fortunate to be on the second floor and have a window that looks out on the  remainder of the field not occupied by our office and car park. This about three acre patch is a useful distraction from email dross and open plan verbiage, it is suprising the regular bird visitors it has, carrion crows, magpies, meadow pipits, buzzard and kestrel, I have just watched a male kestrel succeed in the capture of a small item, shrew or mouse I guess, our convenient setting out posts was chosen as a perch to eat the prey, but a magpie had other ideas and the kestrel elegantly flew off, out of the field, perched on another setting out post and the magpie was content. The kestrel soon returned again made a unsuccessful dive and with wings akimbo on the ground and was probably uttering kestrel obscenities, it then used the wires to scan the ground, disappeared and is back again, hovering. A strange thing is, the wind is moderately strong, but the kestrel was not hovering into it, because of  the strong sun it would be facing into?

Whatever, it's amazing what a bit of rough pasture with weeds seeds, bit of Devon hedgerow and discarded brash can nurture, and of course the opposite when it's removed.

P.S. it's a Sunday and the only unpaid person in the compound/office is me.

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