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Mar 22nd by Ian under Bird Watching

Some, not in the best focus, male Cirl Buntings taken at max zoom (50X) on my canon SX50, could actually have been 60x with some digital topping off the optical. However I didn't have to travel far to snap them, in fact I walked from my office. The previous day I heard them,  but was too far away to identify them. The next day was Saturday the 15 of March and far from bewaring the day I was out with canon and binos, I was lucky to get any confirmation photos as these birds do not like…
Two of the pictures is the bough that held the Ospreys eyrie, the gales have done for it. It was a large nest and with the weight and the windload the bough which was abnormal anyway has had its day. So it could be the end of my 10 minute drive to watch Ospreys, they have nested there for ten or more years so hopefully they will nest nearby, there are plenty of big trees but none like that Scots pine with a deformed flat top. Heard a jay, a Robin singing as was a song thrush,…
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