Easter weekend and 4 days off, had two visits to the Osprey site where the usual viewing area showed no rebuilt eyrie, I did see an Osprey bathing in the estuary but it did not visit the eyrie site. On my second visit whilst "glassing" a female marsh harrier an Osprey with a fish came into the same view, ahh, which bird to follow? the osprey won and I watched it do, for me, unusual flight patterns, it circled like a buzzard over the far side of the estuary from the eyrie then after 4 or 5 circles it flew towards the eyrie. Trees stopped me following it and i moved position for  a clear view, but no sign of it on the eyrie tree. I returned to see if the harrier was around, it was not, but after about 15 mins I heard the call of a Osprey, the female on the eyrie tree calling for fish? sadly no. But an osprey unhindered by a caught fish was having fun chasing a crow near the eyrie tree, I had moved position to where it normally slightly disturbs the ospreys  and at once saw the handy work of our famous wildlife artist, he had "engineered" at a dangerous height a new platform with sawn off boughs and perhaps material from the old crashed nest. Well done Keith, I just hope the ospreys appreciate your efforts as much as I do, in two weeks when I'm back from Devon I hope to see an occupied eyrie. After this post I had an email to say that disturbance by buzzards at the eyrie tree forced the ospreys to build elsewhere, from the directions given I just need to locate them and see if I can watch them without disturbing them. I also meant to post that I thought I heard part of a magpie's call from our garden, and so I must have as a single magpie flew over our garden the next day, I have forgotten the salute to a single magpie that superstition has you utter. In the Perth area magpies are rarely seen, but they are here now.

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