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May 17th by Ian under Bird Watching

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I kinda knew where the Ospreys were, due to hearing begging calls and seeing the male bring in a fish to that area. The problem was I never looked behind me, when I was near the old, rebuilt by human hands, eyrie I looked behind me and there on a bifurcated pine was a large pile of sticks, too big for a buzzard or crow, but it was as described, a pile of sticks, and at an angle. I had walked under this tree several times and never heard a disturbed osprey annoyed at my presence. I have not yet…
Well it appears that my osprey diary could indeed come to an end, as I searched for them and failed to find them. The point is I searched where I could watch and failed, I certainly don't want to observe from a public place or the corner of a farmer's yard, kinda removes the "wildness" feeling. However good news on the marsh harrier front, I just by mere fluke put my scope on a tree where a crow was scolding a male marsh harrier, and in his own time he departed to hunt, I watched him for about 30 mins…
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