May 17th by Ian under Bird Watching

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I kinda knew where the Ospreys were, due to hearing begging calls and seeing the male bring in a fish to that area. The problem was I never looked behind me, when I was near the old, rebuilt by human hands, eyrie I looked behind me and there on a bifurcated pine was a large pile of sticks, too big for a buzzard or crow, but it was as described, a pile of sticks, and at an angle. I had walked under this tree several times and never heard a disturbed osprey annoyed at my presence. I have not yet seen ospreys at this site, and it could be a frustration build and will not be used this year. To back this up I saw both ospreys on a navigation pole, she was uttering begging calls which I could hear and see her beak opening, but why was she not on eggs? she should be sitting tightly on eggs that hatch in two or three weeks?  However much I want to see a successful nest with three fledglings this is my first observation of a osprey pair that are "upset" by their eyrie not being there, and having to re-build. Unfortunately the re-built eyrie  is in a situation I cannot observe so I am going to rely on others who can observe and what juveniles I see towards the season ends. I did spent hours watching for marsh harriers but not one sighting, that is not unusual, particularly if watching ospreys on a navigation pole. I did see a couple of great crested grebes, a couple of farmyard white geese, three greylags, heard sedge warblers, reed buntings and a willow warbler. Of course the usual were singing, blackbird, song thrush, robin, chiffchaff, blue tit, great tit,  chaffinch, saw a G S Wood pecker showing it's white body stripes and undulating flight.

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