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13 July 2014, absence of bird song noticeable, even the swifts are quiet, went to the Osprey site for a couple of hours today and heard a reed bunting a robin tic tic ing and a great spotted woodpecker chip chip ing (calling, not chipping a branch), later a buzzard mewing at me and that was it. Oh and the female Osprey call begging for food, and from the frustration nest in/on a navigation pole, this man cage by the light is barely a metre by a metre in square dimensions, yet by careful entry two of them manage to fit in and they were busy collecting sticks from the exposed sand banks. The nest has grown from a few sticks two weeks ago to a bundle of sticks now some 30cm high. How chicks can exercise their wings on this platform beats me, plus if the light needs maintenance in the nesting season the law will be broken. Best thing is to remove it in the winter and hope they return to their original tree and man made support frame with stick platform.  I still don't know how the male passes food to the female as I presume the nest site is where food exchange is "programmed" into their behavioural patterns. Never caught sight of a marsh harrier, mind you I was watching the Ospreys more or less all the time and using my binos to scan the reed beds infrequently for harrier activity, if they are nesting within sight and have now well grown chicks then the food exchanges should be every hour or so. I prefer Osprey watching, better value for time spent.

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