Aug 31st by Ian under Bird Watching

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31/8/14, my son's birthday, and the osprey is still hanging around, surprised to see it. I assume it's the male, no sightings of marsh harriers at all, air is filled with swallows and martins then they'reĀ  gone, obviously migrating. Saw a couple of hundred grey geese miles down the estuary and no chance to IDĀ  them due to heat haze. Assume early migrants, 35 Canada geese around, white domestic geese I think I counted five earlier in the season, well I saw three today. lots of swans and teal, saw some of the mute swans pairing up, the pair with 6 cygnets still have 6 and still are as a family group. Where are the Sheld duck? never saw one. Farmers still harvesting barley in the very pleasant sunshine of today. Heard a great spotted woodpecker and jays only a robin singing now, the silence is evident from chiffchaffs, willow warblers, song thrush, blackies, hedgesparrows, blackcap, whitethroat, chaffinch, sedge warbler, wren. Another year another season, another year clicked on for my son, somehow the clicks get faster as you get older!!

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