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Despite the confidence of my last post that the ospreys were gone, one osprey is still around, on a windy day and at near full tide it was hunting over the estuary, something I rarely see them do. It, male or female? went to the frustration nest and after some time on the top guard rail stood on the nest, I have to say I felt sorry for the bird, all that build up to a breeding season for it all to end in no brood. Sadly the pair are probably not proficient at nest building having had a site on a horizontal bough for years and no need, apart from once, to build another, and when they did build on another tree it fell to bits in a storm and they lost the one egg laid. Then to my mind chose a solid site that is far to small on the navigation pole. How they expect juvs to exercise their wings within the man cage defeats me, unless the are going to fill the whole cage up. The river authorities will intervene so that site may be off limits to them next year. Kick the sticks into the river and put some chains across the top, job done. I had probably the longest viewing time of a hunting marsh harrier ever today, 17/8/14, must have had it in the scope for around 20 mins in 3 separate intervals. I am convinced this is the same bird I saw last time and reported a wing tag of yellow or white on its right wing. Well it has two tags white (or very light blue) on its right wing and yellow on it's left, I think its a juv and a dark morph at that as I could see no white on the upper head. But what a pleasure to watch that bird hunting up and down the reed beds, one of the reasons I believe it is a juv is it's attempts to catch wood pigeons, once when they were in flight and when three of them landed just 10 m away in front of it when it was hunting, how fast it moved to those pigeons?  incredible, I had it full in scope, and it was like a chocolate arrow into the pigeons, they exploded as if a bomb had gone off, too fast, no food for the Harrier.

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