11/8/14 been nearly a month since I visited the Ospreys, normally by now the juvs will have fledged and be around the eyrie being fed by usually the male and the female will usually be gone in a week, with the whole family migrated by the end of September. However this being the year of "nest frustration" I think both have gone as I saw and heard no Ospreys. The frustration nest in the man cage of the navigation pole has got bigger and was photographed from a boat that had obviously come down river to do just that, the boatmen looked unofficial judging by their clothing. I did catch a fleeting glimpse of a male and female harrier, the female had a white or yellow wing tag on her right wing. With the tail end of hurricane Bertha making the weather windy,  the lee side of trees on many places were heaving with Hurindines, I was standing scoping with I reckon around a hundred sand martins flighting all around me, there were a few house martins and a swallow, easily spotted in the smaller brown martins. I can record, as I was waiting for the moment, that the swifts left on the 6/8/14, I usually holiday on the first fortnight in August and the swifts are always there at the beginning of August and gone on my return. What is not gone is the berry bug Trombicula autumnalis a tiny mite with a big itch. Oh, post script, saw and heard a pair of ravens and a pair of swans with 6 cygnets

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