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Went to see the battle of the five armies (the third part of the Hobbit) in IMAX, you have to watch this in IMAX it is truly amazing. It was a big day for me as I went to a barbers, a place I have not been to for years, same as the cinema. Oh and I did have a hair cut in a very busy Polish barbers shop, £9 quid well spent. If you have read the Hobbit  the title "the battle of the five armies" should perplex you, because in the book there is no battle after Smaug is slain, in the book Bilbo get two casks of gold and he wends his way home with Gandalf. However you need to forget the book's contents and just enjoy the films action. Well I would say its not really a film its an experience. However the real experience of the day was seeing and hearing a kingfisher in the middle of Perth, it flew over the city mills around another building to a short stretch of the lade, my wife and I crossed the road to the lade, could not see the kingfisher perched anywhere but just as we set off to the cinema I again saw it fly up and over the building, my wife missed both the observations having her hood up as it was raining. Now the Perth city lade is not the most enticing of fresh waters but it must have some feeding for kingfishers as the one I saw knew exactly where it was flying and I put it down as a resident, not a vagrant explorer. Perth city; peregrines and now kingfishers, oh and plenty of pigeons.

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