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As our site office just off the old Newton road was in disarray with desk moving yet again, I worked from home on the 24 and 25th of January,  the dining area table is next to the large sliding double glazed door that I believe were once called "French windows". Anyway in that little corridor that abuts next door the 4 m space has moss growing on the concreted area and I was going to take a shovel to it to scrape the concrete clean when I noticed it was a regular feeding ground for a pair of hedge sparrows and a pair of robins. Yes a pair of robins, already they have put their winter animosities behind them and are ready for the breeding season. I notice one of them entered the hedge at exactly the same place as one of them did carrying in food and removing faeces last summer, so one of them is from the pair of last year? well who knows. Well David Lack might have and his book on robins is well worth reading, and I never did get to visit Dartington in Devon where he did his work for this seminal book. In fact I have many favoured memories of Devon, now I have returned to Scotland, but they are not of the places I visited as I did little of that. On spare weekends I visited friends in Cornwall. My last little observation on birds is a buzzard feeding on the grassy edge of a dual carriageway junction, the off slip to Bishopsteiton where I stayed for two years to be precise, I saw the buzzard on two occasions feeding on what I presume to be an expired creature. The point is it was black night and the buzzard was feeding under street lighting with cars less than 20m away. And on the road into the village of Bishopsteiton a daffodil is already in flower, yes just one, but from listening to out of doors on radio Scotland this Saturday the 31st, there are plenty of places in Scotland where daffys are out already. and finally, a word about my bladder, 500miles Devon to Perth, never stopped, except on the M6 where the traffic came to a standstill, why? an accident on the other carriageway!! rubber necking!!

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