The fire pictures are the sad end to the contents of our Bee hive that failed, this is the second one to fail in successive winters.  My wife insists on burning every frame for bacteria/pest control. This hive failed due to lack of numbers. It was a small captured swarm that either suffered a late swarm itself or the queen just didn't lay enough. Anyway when opened there were only a handful of bees left, all dead, there was plenty of food, just died from the cold and damp. The eclipse picture was from a windy wet Aberdeen, and you could be excused to say it is two coins under a piece of glass smeared with Vaseline, it isn't. I just didn't get the weather or the break in it. Sky larks sang throughout. I knew there was tree sparrows in my daughter's garden so I put up my home made feeder with peanuts and fumbled with my Canon 550D reminding myself how to work it! as my Daughter has had it for a year doing a photography course. There are at least four tree sparrows and I am tempted to make a colonial nest box for them.

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