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Apr 26th by Ian under Bird Watching

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Sunday 25th, on site too late as the heat haze was already distorting the scopes mid and long range. Saw my first swallow yesterday, well heard it as it flew over the house, saw a handful today and there were loads of flies about. In the heat before the very fast enacting hail squall that swooped down the Tay I had a hundred or so little white flies above my head, in a tower that you often see midges doing above pine trees. Wondering what was the attraction I moved away a pace and looked up into…

Apr 19th by Ian under Bird Watching

Tags: Nae tags again!

On the 12th April I set forth with high hopes with mentions of Ospreys plaguing the pine forests of loch strewn Scotland. The famous lady of Loch of the Lowes failed to return, a sad demise of a very long lived Osprey. As a round up of my particular pair, last year was the first failure since the nest was established, In early March 2014 I reported the bough on which the nest was established was on the ground with of course the eyrie. Intrepid BTO members, well the famous artist Keith Brockie made a brilliant job…
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