24 May, I did visit the Osprey site last weekend and saw a lonely Osprey feeding on the other side of the estuary, and that was it, no sign of pairing or even another Osprey. this weekend, well Sunday before the Monaco GP, on the other side of the estuary was a lonely Osprey, but I could hear the nearer begging calls of the female, but could not locate her. The moos were back in the field and to check on his herd along drives the farmer, I show him and his attendant boys the Osprey way across the estuary, he says to me he usually hears them before he sees them, at that very point he says listen, that's an Osprey. Well that's not a call I recognise I say, but sure enough an Osprey flies over us emitting that call. Then he tells me that's the call they emit when they come off the nest when he is under the eyrie tree checking on sheep that happen to be there. Good for me that I don't recognise an alarm call from an Osprey but not so good that he does. Anyway he means no harm. Where are we with nesting Ospreys? don't know, heard a female making begging calls, then alarm calls, saw an Osprey with a fish but too windy to land, then on the navigation pole saw an osprey on the frustration nest of last year but not feeding. Later on Osprey from navigation pole gone and so was the one over on the far side of the estuary and spotted three ospreys over the lower estuary, one evidently hunting. Do I know what's happening ? not a scoobie doo, but heard a female begging, an Osprey annoyed by my and others presence, then see an osprey with a fish , hear no more begging. got to have a pair breeding, but where? working in Aberdeen on a major project there are environmental "types" around, I met one looking at the ground in a car park, what you got I asked? boring bees he says, anyway after the usual conversation of what do you do on the project, he tells me about seeing a hobby at where we cross the Dee. I cross examined this observation and am assured he was right, a hobby at the Dee. Guess where I have to be next week? The strong possibility is, it will be a scandinavian bird and was on passage. The pasture was full of dove's foot cranesbill, strange I have never spotted this flower here before. I would not have dismissed it as herb robert due to its lack of height and the leaves are entirely different.  

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