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Yes swifts, heard them today when the lawnmower was off when emptying the cuttings and after a bit of sky searching saw a pair. There was a patch of sun over the village so I am guessing they are not our swifts but migrating ones, don't recall ever seeing swifts so early. Had no time this weekend to visit the Ospreys or scan for marsh harriers. My flat mate from Devon, now in Aberdeen, wanted to buy my bike I brought back from Devon. His is in storage and mine I am ashamed to say was never used in Devon, however I decided to keep mine and when I was waiting for the barbecue on Saturday night to get to just beyond the smoking bit, I had a look on gumtree for what was for sale. Hey ho two bikes stored outside one needing TLC on brakes and the other had been re-sprayed by someone on drugs, hence £20. Had only been posted for 2 mins when I emailed saying I would buy them, so before the chicken quarters burned (I say caramelised) I was the proud possessor of two bikes. One is in the back of my car ready for the trip to Aberdeen tomorrow at 6.00 am, I hope Billy will be happy with a bike nobody will pinch that has good brakes. wheels, saddle and 10 gears. The other bike has 18 gears and a better derailler but a paint job done by blind people. I hope next weekend "my" osprey has a partner and incubation has begun.

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  1. Ian May 16, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    Appears they were “our” swifts as they were there on Friday afternoon when I returned from Aberdeen.

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