I have never seen this behaviour before, but then I have never had as much time to observe, now being retired. There must have been a hatch of flies or flying ants over the village as the normal slight passage of swallows and martins conflated into hundreds, even starlings were feeding on them and in cases were pursued by martins, I heard one starling "squeal" as the martin was right on it's tail. The pictures both show the numbers of swallows and martins involved and the fact they stopped feeding and "roosted" on the sunny side of the old church roof. They did this several times not all feeding at once but mainly resting on the roof, were they resting from feeding and warming themselves? When they took to the air the martins were more vocal, I could hardly hear a chirrup from a swallow, when the sunshine left the roof the birds had moved on, perhaps as the food had or had disappeared.

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  1. Ian September 29, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    today 29/9/15, I saw a juvenile starling eat a small tortoiseshell butterfly, it must have plucked it from the nearby buddlia globosa bush. So had to look this up in BWP and of course starlings eat most things absolutely including butterflies. Lesson? just because you see it for the first time doesn’t make it rare.

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