Sep 22nd by Ian under Bird Watching

22/9/2015 and no sign of the osprey in my hour and a half stay, I am guessing it's gone. counted more than 80 mute swans and the teals were in their hundreds. It looked as if a large flock of teal were spooked by something as several times they were all in the air, didn't see any bird of prey that could cause that, obviously hoping for sea eagle. Saw some Canada geese and a white "farmyard" goose, no swallows or martins and bird song just warning calls of buzzard and great spotted woodpecker. Pictures show a very neatly dug out wasps nest and there was larva comb strewn nearby, from what I read only badgers would do this. Wasps were not "angry" luckily for me . I did wonder how wasps made such a large space in the ground? or did they find and occupy it? soil is a sandy boulder clay and as you can see well consolidated and I would have thought beyond wasps' ability to excavate, certainly the gravel.

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