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Now I always thought badgers had their setts in woods, but here in the middle of a field is a new sett, admittedly it's between two woods one you can see. Being a materials engineer I can tell from the badger's digging, the sand underneath the topsoil is valuable, however I'll keep my opinions to myself. The curious white patched plumage jackdaw is local to our bird table and is always alone. Seems to be a late hatching or has a malfunction of it's plumage, hence the white patches. why is it always alone? unaccepted by the others? The starling shows the grey head some of them have before all their plumage changes, the reason they are not spotty in the summer is the spots have worn off their plumage, it's kinda obvious but I never thought about it assuming there was a winter and summer plumage.

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  1. November 1, 2015 at 8:11 am

    The sett in the middle of the field could be a ‘holiday home’ sett. I had to excavate and demolish one on a road widening job – the badger ‘expert’ told me that they build holiday setts for when they go out hunting and don’t want to risk the long journey back to the main sett which is usually in a wood!!?!

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