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Jan 29th by Ian under Bird Watching

Believe it or not, it stopped raining for a whole afternoon on the 27/1/16 and I took off to the estuary for a rekky. Lots of gulls around (common or black headed) too far away for my poor gull identification skills, some herons and I could hear teal. Not a swan in sight, surprised me. However as I was scanning the estuary north of my point I had some land in view and I saw a man running over a stubble field, I immediately thought someone was hurt as a running man on a stubble field is a rare sight,…
Two pairs of bullfinches have been regularly feeding on Leycesteria Formosa (pheasant berry) outside my house in a council garden, I use the word garden cautiously, the pheasant berry has been seeded from my garden in several places and it is good to see the finches feeding on it. They have been regular visitors for about a month and the female bullfinch I photographed from my garden, thanks to storm frank removing a larch lap panel. The other pics are from my upstairs window in the rain with poor light and a hand held camera not steadied…
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