29/3/16, had a few reckies for Osprey arrival from the 24th, but no sign, today was no exception still it is early. The Osprey's frustration nest in the navigation pole has been removed. No osprey, but I did see a female marsh harrier with I think no wing tags, at a distance these are difficult to see. It was hunting but not in a quartering way it was flying fast over the reeds and it was gone in no time. I did wait for a return but no luck, it is possible that I would never have seen it but for a pair of curlews crying as it flew past them, and caught my attention. I believe I heard a chiffchaff but it was just a small burst of song amid wrens, great tits, blue tits and a song thrush. I also heard a jay, buzzard and two great spotted woodpeckers seeing off a third one with the usual chip, chip call and then a machine gun type of churr, never heard that before. I also heard the wing noise a goldeneye makes when flying, never heard (or noticed) that before. I did on one silver birch tree see a long tailed tit, blue tit, great tit (calling) and a tree creeper all at the same time. I was standing with my back to an large pine hoping a drumming great spotted woodpecker would return after I disturbed it. The silver birch was opposite and the drumming tree was about 50m away, the male woodpecker did return and drummed away and do you think I could spot it? not for half an hour when in frustration I walked towards the tree, disturbed the bird and was lucky enough to spot where it came from, I quickly returned to the pine and put my scope on the tree and was rewarded by 10 mins of seeing it drum rather than just listen, a really special bird watching moment. A few lesser celandines are beginning to flower, rooks are garrulous and I think I spotted a grey heron swap over at the nest, I can see 11 heron nests from one vantage point, one day a little egret will nest alongside them and bitterns will boom from the reeds (they could be already)

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  1. Ian April 3, 2016 at 9:40 am

    I did hear a chiffchaff, as it was in strong song a few days later, singing from the same area as it did last year.

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