5th April and it rained all day yesterday and before then we had southerly gales so when I got out today I was hopeful of Ospreys between showers. But first on the eye menu was a dark marsh harrier, first inclination it was the female I saw a few days before, this bird was hunting by quartering so I got a good look at her/him. Well I convinced myself it was a dark male as the contrast on the upper wing was evident, the black primaries, the paler main wing and the very definite chestnut of the forewing, it also had a very pale head. I lost it hunting upriver behind some scrubby trees and deliberately scanned all the way back upriver trying to catch it reversing as it were, scanning back some kilometres I scoped a definite female marsh harrier and I could observe the plumage difference between the two birds. So, I had a male (dark) and a female, incidentally the male had no wing tags and I wonder if the "female" I spotted a few days ago was this dark male? But the real point is a pair of Marsh harriers are back and I hope to be able to pin point their nest site during the next few weeks. Pin pointing the Osprey's nest site seems to be much easier as they have arrived back and seem to be attached to the man made nest at last ! They were calling and circling above the tree as well as circling and calling for kilometres around, they did eventually both land on the eyrie but looked very aware, was this because of me? I don't think so but I took myself off as did they and I never heard or saw them again in the hour I spent there. Were they exploring other trees? or doing that and seeing what the other Ospreys were up to? Having occupied a traditional although now man made site you would have thought the birds would be defensive of that site, I am just learning.

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