2/5/16 about 14.00 hrs, not the best time however the fridges needed food, excluding me from transport. In two hours caught a 10 second glimpse of a male marsh harrier, Well what's new! I wondered about how the Osprey's eyrie was given the near gale force winds we were experiencing. I believe the nest has been built up since my last picture as I can now see the sitting bird's head. Presumably the male on the perch, has a small pike (I saw it's deeply clefted tail) and it's good to see they can catch fish in troubled waters. My best birding was to hear and see a blackcap, and watch house martins and swallows fly like fighter jets hawking across the field I was standing in, they surely could not have been catching large flies like dung flies as at that speed they could have choked? Brilliant to watch, impossible to photo with my budget. Heard and saw a Mistle thrush and a Jay as well as the usual Buzzard that objects to me entering it's territory, still a few Whooper swans around, luxuriating in a field of green food. Not heard a sedge warbler yet or a whitethroat. Not forgetting the usual birds I hear; wren, blackie, song thrush, blue tit, coal tit, great tit, great spotted woodpecker, robin.

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