I was out over the estuary by 7.30 AM watching a Harrier-less reedbed, they are just not around. My old pals the coos are back in the field and are very placid, I wonder if they have any memory of me? For the first time the shelducks were flying around making their ha ha noises, two males and two females.  Heard and saw sedge warblers, also willow warblers and chiffchaffs possible blackcap whose song I have to re-learn every year it just does not stick in my head! Fed up waiting for a harrier I had a peek at the osprey eyrie and could see nothing at first which is normal from my low vantage point, but between watching sedge warblers and being forever amazed at the stupidity of sheep, the (guessed) female appeared on the eyrie rim looked wet on her chest and immediately positioned herself back on the eggs, and went out of sight. As I returned to the car with the coos ignoring me I heard a call that I did not recognise, it was the male Osprey conducting a "fish flight" circling at height, hovering, dropping his legs to show the fish and calling very loudly and insistently. Not really doing a sky dance, the female in the middle of this display got off the eyrie and stayed above the eyrie going to a height, I lost her watching him, he eventually closed his wings and hurtled to the eyrie site, I thought I would pick him up on the perch just by the eyrie, but no, I picked him up on a post that is usually used  in high winds. This is the first time I have seen these Ospreys with a flat fish that I consider is a flounder, the tide was very low so the opportunity for flat fish hunting would be greatly increased from flow and full tides. Ospreys are surely the best birds of prey to be able to watch?

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