listed as a very rare breeding UK bird mainly Nth of the great glen, (in 2010 average 5 year count was 16 breeding pairs) I discovered a Redwings nest with 6 eggs in a small rhododendron bush next to the wall of the holiday house we were in, in Lochaline. I disturbed it by accident as there is a path right beside it and I happened to be wandering around with binos, I thought it was a juv starling at first as it shot out from the bush with a similar squawk that juv starlings make, however it then made a chack, chack call similar to a fieldfare/mistle thrush and I got a full view of it in the binos. It was also bill snapping at me. You cannot mistake a redwing having got a good view, while the bird was off I realised the rarity of the find so quickly got my camera took two photos of the nest and the nest and eggs, now I was breaking to law but it was less than two minutes and I retreated from the garden warning the rest of the family not to go near the bush. I have never experienced such a flighty sitting bird, one side of the bush was open and if the bird spotted you from even 10m away it was off, you can walk past a Blackbird's nest and it will not move, I have in a nestbox had to put my finger under a blue tit to count the eggs! Anyway although avoiding the nest as much as possible the birds deserted, and in an accidental disturbance I got a very poor picture of the bird up a nearby tree, I never heard the male sing and only once saw him. I have of course notified the BTO who want me to fill in a nest record card.

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