Jun 13th by Ian under Bird Watching

Well yes they do, and through a friendly local blackie that came within a metre of you whilst gardening, my wife then myself witnessed snail procurement. They are recorded as doing this in the BWP and we witnessed the wiping mechanism that the birds employ, they do it where they find the snail rather than take it to a place where wiping is more effective, like a gravel path. They clearly like snails as when we encountered a few and put them on the lawn the blackie was on to them, especially if pre-crushed. I also through the window witnessed the friendly blackie cocking and eye into herbage growing down our dry stane wall, why else would he be doing that? Was it the same blackie? yes, because some of the tail feathers were missing. Moult or cat? BWP records blackies stealing snails from song thrushes after they crack them open.

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