Jun 11th by Ian under Bird Watching

This is the Osprey eyrie from a different viewpoint, you can see the happy couple intact. Moments earlier however there was a third Osprey hanging around and was perched where the present Osprey is perched, it was calmly escorted off the premises, I was expecting both Ospreys to do it and assertively but no, just when you think you can predict bird behaviour, you can't! The, I think male, Osprey in the second picture is on a perch quite near me in a different position from the first shot, note the length of the wings hence the power to lift from being submerged in the water, Never had a shot like this so I am guessing the bird is hanging his wings down? and is not in a normal pose. Had some great shots (no pictures) of reed buntings from this position, including two males in conflict falling in a tumble into the reeds. Sedge warblers were nearby but hidden and singing, willow warblers and chiffchaffs still singing now joined by whitethroats. Been working with others on the location of a marsh harriers nest, we were not sure if it was nesting just holding territory, It clearly was holding territory and the female was in the air and not sitting. I witnessed a copulation and the next day both of them nest building, female 4 visits and the male once, so nest site now known just need to watch for success but it is now very late in the season to be laying eggs for a successful outcome. I did see the male swoop on a mallard that dived then "flurried" away but not that far, then the harrier caught something and started to leap up with a few wing beats, I thought it had a juv duck and was trying to catch another, but it emerged with a stick! This stick clearly did not satisfy the bird as it did the same "dance" on another bit of ground and later flew into a dead tree to I believe to break the stick, it failed, then it went hunting and I watched it for a good ten minutes till it flew from sight. Female not in sight at any time, both birds have no wing tags.

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