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Jul 15th by Ian under Bird Watching


After some holiday time in Englandshire I eventually did some birding on the 14th of July ostensibly checking a marsh harrier nest site, but had to look in on the Osprey who was feeding a newly hatched chick in late June. They certainly have one chick now in feathers but I never saw the chick/chicks being fed so hopeful there are more chicks. At one point there was a third Osprey circling the eyrie but both nesting Ospreys remained at the eyrie which surprised me, usually one will take to the air and "push" the interloper off.…
just a few snaps of birds as I met them from West Yorkshire through to Cornwall to Nth Devon. I particularly like the kittiwakes in Bridlington and the sun bathing robin that just laid out in the sun 2 metres from us as we looked round the Rosemoor gardens near Torrington in Nth Devon. I checked the robin photo for ants and there were none, just sun bathing, first time for me to witness that.…
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