Jul 15th by Ian under Bird Watching


After some holiday time in Englandshire I eventually did some birding on the 14th of July ostensibly checking a marsh harrier nest site, but had to look in on the Osprey who was feeding a newly hatched chick in late June. They certainly have one chick now in feathers but I never saw the chick/chicks being fed so hopeful there are more chicks. At one point there was a third Osprey circling the eyrie but both nesting Ospreys remained at the eyrie which surprised me, usually one will take to the air and "push" the interloper off. One of the photos shows the female with her beak open, that is emitting a "get a fish" call to the male who was gone most of the time I was watching and came back with a large stick! As previously with this pair the female has a browner chest than the male and I finally noticed the female has a ring on her left leg, trying to photograph it is another matter. Check out the talons and the hook on the beak.

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