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Aug 28th by Ian under Bird Watching


28 August, half expecting to see no ospreys, the male and the juvenile were still around. When I got there I heard the begging food calls of the juv, he/she was on the nest and picking the bones of some well eaten fish, how do I know ? the juv took to flight with the fish remnant, landed back on the perch beside the nest and continued to beg call. I could clearly see it was sporting a blue ring on it's left leg. The male was in sentinel position on a nearby higher tree and when…

Aug 18th by Ian under Bird Watching

I knew from reports that the single chick was flying strongly, so on the 18th I went along to have a look. I have previously reported that birds of prey can be lazy, and so it turned out, the juv was on the navigation pole, just note the orange eye and white tips to the wing feathers, not easy I grant you with the poor digiscoping pics, and stayed there for the two hour observation, so did the female at the eyrie, and the male was off fishing (I guess.) Heard and saw a jay, heard a…

Aug 7th by Ian under Bird Watching

On the 3/8/16 about 4.30 am we had a huge thunderstorm, mostly lightning. On the morning of the 3rd we had about 30 odd swifts around the village skies, far more than is normal nowadays. On the morning of the 4th post the thunderstorm there was a single swift, I have waited a few days to monitor the skies and now on the 7th with a gale developing from the west there are none. So the swifts left on the 4th and scarily that was the date last year I recorded them being absent, I suspect they moved ahead of…
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