I knew from reports that the single chick was flying strongly, so on the 18th I went along to have a look. I have previously reported that birds of prey can be lazy, and so it turned out, the juv was on the navigation pole, just note the orange eye and white tips to the wing feathers, not easy I grant you with the poor digiscoping pics, and stayed there for the two hour observation, so did the female at the eyrie, and the male was off fishing (I guess.) Heard and saw a jay, heard a G'S'W' pecker but unheard are the summer songsters, chiffchaff, willow warbler, backcap, whitethroat, sedge warbler, robin, wren, song thrush, backie and reed bunting. Some or all still around but now silent. The amount of Larus gulls took me by surprise, the picture shows a small part of them, must have been in the thousands, also surprising was 100 plus Canada geese, where did they come from? I have seen around 10 during the summer!

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