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28 August, half expecting to see no ospreys, the male and the juvenile were still around. When I got there I heard the begging food calls of the juv, he/she was on the nest and picking the bones of some well eaten fish, how do I know ? the juv took to flight with the fish remnant, landed back on the perch beside the nest and continued to beg call. I could clearly see it was sporting a blue ring on it's left leg. The male was in sentinel position on a nearby higher tree and when the juv took flight again the male followed and the both ended up on the navigation pole. I tried to take a digiphoto of the two and my batteries on the nikon 990 went dead, so i fumbled with the Olympus tough on the viewing lens of the telescope and managed the pic attached, of course the male had flown!!. The point of the pic was to show differences in plumages between juvs and adults, the juvs have pronounced white patches on the ends of their feathers as well as orange eyes. This juv called and called for a fish after the male left, it left me wondering if any skills are taught or as i suspect the juv decides to migrate and learns on the way. The male wont migrate till the last of the juvs have gone, the female leaves first on her own. I was walking through the woods at about 8.15 am to the osprey viewing area and there was no bird song or bird calls, all I heard singing were two robins, and calling were curlew. gulls, crows and canada geese. Oh and for the first time recorded by me, an osprey circled over my house on the 27th.

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