Aug 7th by Ian under Bird Watching

On the 3/8/16 about 4.30 am we had a huge thunderstorm, mostly lightning. On the morning of the 3rd we had about 30 odd swifts around the village skies, far more than is normal nowadays. On the morning of the 4th post the thunderstorm there was a single swift, I have waited a few days to monitor the skies and now on the 7th with a gale developing from the west there are none. So the swifts left on the 4th and scarily that was the date last year I recorded them being absent, I suspect they moved ahead of the storm and the dates are coincidental. I also have heard a magpie from the garden twice in July, with the loudest being from next door's garden where there's a garden feeder, it shot off as soon as it spotted my searching look. I received a photo of a redwing's egg from the deserted nest in Lochaline, this was against a tape and I was gratified to see it was about 26mm long nearly spot on to the size recorded in the birds of the western palearctic, not that I had any doubt it was a redwing that was nesting.

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