The RSPB suggested putting out over ripe bananas for butterfly food, although it was next to a buddleia I mostly had visits from flies and wasps. So I got up close to the wasps that were not interested in a camera shoved in their faces. I was surprised at how hairy a wasp is, you normally don't want to get that close to them! It is becoming autumnal and the wasps get a bit daft with rotting fruit that has sugars and alcohol, I also had a skein of about 60 geese go over the village this afternoon, these were not the feral canada geese that are around the estuary but "wild" geese, there are also swallows around, they usually have a cross over of about two weeks. My wife and I also got good views and calls from a single magpie from the roof tops in the centre of the village, this may not register with people who have sedentary magpies, but in south Perthshire they are a rare sight but becoming more frequent. I did manage to attract a red admiral to the banana, I took the old banana away and it was clearly confused as it circled the bird table for minutes, so I put out another over ripe banana and it was on it almost immediately. It would be nice to have a better background but my buddleia has new flowers way above my head.

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