5/4/17, this was my 5th visit and the one with success, although I knew one osprey was back on the 3rd as the grass growing from the nest cup had disappeared. The pictures are where the male perched at times last year and no other male had done so in previous years, so I am guessing it is the same male with no leg rings. He was mighty alert as some of the pics show, head never still and looking up as well as around. Guessing again, he had eaten the head of the fish and the remainder was for his spouse who hopefully is on route, if this was a female surely the fish (pike) would have been eaten to enable peak condition to be reached? So the Osprey was a male and he was waiting for his partner. Anyway another year and one of the pair is back, a chiffchaff has been singing it's cloaca off, in the same area as last year, I spent some time trying to spot it and failed except when once I saw it fly into a bush and disappear! If you don't learn warbler calls they would drive you to distraction. Well of course most birds presently here are singing, and I heard a G'S'W'pecker give a desultory drum roll. On my excursions to view the osprey's site before the male arrived I was standing looking at the eyrie and hoping for that fly in moment, however my nikon 990 when trying to focus with the lens cap on makes a "hunting" tic tic noise, I heard this or a similar noise and checked the camera, it was off! Later I again heard the tic tic noise and located it behind me, some 10m away, was a broken tree with a standing 2m portion and a still attached but lying to the ground larger portion, so while watching this fractured gean tree I heard and saw the source of the tic, tic; the claws of a tree creeper! Rather than observe a non attended eyrie I watched as a tree creeper build a nest using wood flakes, that was good birding.

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