Apr 9th by Ian under Bird Watching


This was from the 7th April when his partner had not arrived, he was clutching a pike rather more eaten than on the 5th, so I am guessing it is the same pike. I took these shots to see if I was correct and there are no leg rings, well although the shots are very poor quality the purpose was served; there are no leg rings on this male. When I went out on the 9th (today) hisĀ  partner was on the nest and he was in attendance on the perch. The two were alert and he attempted copulation, was rebuffed and later joined her on the nest. Side by side they just faced the wind and looked around. I was amazed at the flying dexterity when he came off the perch and used the wind and floated on to her back with claws clenched, just innate skill. So what else was around and singing/calling; chiffchaffs, G'S'W'pecker, buzzard, song thrush, mistle thrush, wren, saw teal, mute swans, heard whoopers, saw canada geese, gooseanders, sheld duck, cormorant and of course crows and wood pigeons. Didn't see them today but on the 7th plenty of grey geese still here, still to see a martin or a swallow.

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