Easter Monday 17th April and weather showery, as was yesterday, a fact I am grateful for as the tree pollen is affecting me; streaming nose, few sneezes and itchy eyes. Loads of cuckoo flowers now in bloom joining lesser celandine and some newly showing dog violets. Got my first and second swallow today along with a male marsh harrier, appeared to have wing tags but did not get close enough views to be certain. Ospreys curiously absent, I was expecting the female to be sitting on her first egg, if she was I could not see her which is in itself unusual as the Ospreys like to see all around them, within a couple of hours watching I saw and heard no Ospreys, this was bothering me as the female at least will stay around the eyrie to protect it from intruders intent on a take over. As I left, on a path confetti laid with Gean tree blossom,  a long length look at the nest site revealed an Osprey on the nest perch, so that at least was comforting. No sign of willow warblers, sedge warblers whitethroats etc

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