Something is amiss, the female should be sitting tight on eggs by now and is not. Today the 25th April I saw her sitting alone but not tightly, meantime I was watching harriers, after say 15 mins she was sitting up in the nest and looking around. After say another 15 mins she had gone and for the next 40 mins the nest remained that way. Had I arrived some 20/30 mins later than I did I would have seen an apparently abandoned nest for 40/50 mins, can't fathom out what is happening as the male is bringing fish, or was bringing fish, has he gone? The north wind today would have cut you in half but what the site needs is a long watch with a packed lunch. The harriers at the site, they failed at last year, look like breeding despite my previous pronouncements, I watched the male four times place a stick in the same place, now even if that is his roost it still means a female brooding nearby. That observation was just luck in timing as I lost him behind the reeds and for the next 40 mins never saw a wing beat. Can now hear willow warblers as I watch, sedge warblers next.

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