Jul 25th by Ian under Bird Watching

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Not a clear view of both chicks but you can just make out the back of the second one. Spent nearly a couple of hours there and no sign of the male, the female was regularly uttering the plaintive begging call, so hunger was on the menu. When it rained I noticed both juvs started to preen and wing exercise before settling down out of sight. Never spotted a harrier but did see a female sparrow hawk zoom over the reeds, first time I have seen that, when it went over the now brown reeds I lost it, then it came to the edge and darted back over the reeds when again even though I was tracking it, it was lost to my binoculared sight. Never heard a single warbler it was very quiet apart from shooters potting away at pigeons, two of them had a hide made with round bales and had lures and decoys around them, if they had a pigeon for every shot they would not go hungry for a week.

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