Aug 10th by Ian under Bird Watching

August 10th, I knew the juvs would be on the wing and still be around the nest, I wasn't sure if the female would have left and am still unsure. I only saw one adult but as it was facing into the wind i only saw the back of it so could not confirm it's gender. The juv on the perch stayed there the whole 2 hours visit, the other one took to the air several times once joined by the adult who indulged with it in a few sky dives. I could tell the juv in flight by it's more flappy flight, what i failed to capture with a picture was the adult after the sky dive flight landed on the perch and with continuous calling and half opened wing flapping was trying to encourage (my interpretation) the other juv to take flight. I have never seen this behaviour before and it lasted only 15 to 30 secs. The pics confirm two juvs and you can clearly see the plumage difference between adult and juv, the juv having white tips to most of it's feathers. Countryside quiet of birdsong, heard and saw a buzzard, heard a GS woodpecker, on the estuary were herons, canada geese, swans, gulls, no sign of harriers, oh and woodies a plenty. Last swift I saw was on the 7th, I thought "ours" had gone on the 4th, there is obvious movement of martins and swallows to southern climes.

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