Apr 9th by Ian under Bird Watching


9th April, been out about 6 times since the Ospreys arrived at Loch of the Lowes and today or PM yesterday was "my" Ospreys arrival. Chiffchaffs beat him by a day, I state him as I believe it is the usual male, no leg rings, and presiding over the eyrie. He was facing me with the clasped red meaty, mate welcoming fish and I had the 60x zoom on his legs and no sign of leg rings. Also had a fly by of a male Marsh harrier so here comes nest spotting time again, followed by hopefully; laying, hatching and fledging, all evidenced by food passes and later by ringing visits. Seen three butterflies in the last week, one I identified as a small tortoiseshell, heard a GSW drumming, and had literally hundreds of wood pigeons feeding on pubescent tree buds. Geese and goldeneye ducks still around, spotted two Canada geese with the male getting his bonding attempts rebuffed, not with violence but "just leave me alone" swimming, he was swimming behind and laying his long neck across her back, no doubt making some noise as these geese are not silent types. I always hear and welcome the monosyllabic soft piping of teal, hear them, but don't see them. two lesser celandines braved the haphazard spring weather to show their welcome yellow colours, is spring coming?

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