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May 15th by Ian under Bird Watching

Had my first swift flying lonely and silently over the house on the 11th of May. My son in a more populous swift village had them on the 12th and by the 13/14th there were a few around me. Started playing my swift call CD near the purpose made swift box again hoping to attract them. Notable is coal tits caching sunflower seeds, this usually happens after breeding, is it the lack of spruce seed, their favourite seed food? I was watching a reedbed for marsh harrier activity and if lucky a food pass, I know where the nest was…

May 7th by Ian under Bird Watching


7th of May and the ospreys are not incubating, still copulating. I expect some day soon she will lay and start incubating. She also has some binder twine around her left foot that I hope she gets off, maybe by dragging her feet in the water. They seem to have a penchant for orange binder twine as it is in several strands on the outside of the eyrie. I guess they pick it up as nest liner and throw it out when it becomes an agent of tangle. I saw the male twist his head skyward and utter several tuuit…
Blackcap's song must be lodged in the long term memory, as I recognised one today 1/5/18, but still wanted confirmation by searching for the fellow, which I accomplished. I thought he was further up a tree than the song indicated, but he was about a third way up an evergreen tall tree, or a tree with ivy. Also spotted a single jay then later two jays, a GPW was desultory drumming and I wondered about the drumming being a consequence of others drumming? Some years the drumming fills the woods, not this year. Visit to the ospreys was in warm…
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