Blackcap's song must be lodged in the long term memory, as I recognised one today 1/5/18, but still wanted confirmation by searching for the fellow, which I accomplished. I thought he was further up a tree than the song indicated, but he was about a third way up an evergreen tall tree, or a tree with ivy. Also spotted a single jay then later two jays, a GPW was desultory drumming and I wondered about the drumming being a consequence of others drumming? Some years the drumming fills the woods, not this year. Visit to the ospreys was in warm sunshine and just the back of 08.00am, the male was on a nearby tree perch and the female was on the eyrie edge and preening. So she has no eggs yet and as last year is needing some time to come into condition, after some time the male flew off and the female just continued to be alert and stay put. I left them like that and later I heard her food begging calls. On my way back from the Osprey location to where I can see most of the estuary I disturbed a male Roe deer, but for some reason, perhaps the de constructional effect of the tripod and telescope over my shoulder he stopped just stood and looked at me, I froze and looked back, he was very unsure of my presence. Kinda like a stand off, I was desperate to try for a photo, and he was desperate to assess the danger. He moved away slowly and I moved too, electrified he bounded away but for the first time I heard a Roe deer bark and quite a bark it is. Loud, repeated but definably not like a dog's bark, but kinda like a dog's bark. Still not a lot of swallows about and not heard a whitethroat yet, everything seems to be later this year.

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