May 15th by Ian under Bird Watching

Had my first swift flying lonely and silently over the house on the 11th of May. My son in a more populous swift village had them on the 12th and by the 13/14th there were a few around me. Started playing my swift call CD near the purpose made swift box again hoping to attract them. Notable is coal tits caching sunflower seeds, this usually happens after breeding, is it the lack of spruce seed, their favourite seed food? I was watching a reedbed for marsh harrier activity and if lucky a food pass, I know where the nest was built I just want to confirm egg laying and brooding. A willow warbler (pale legs) was just in front on me by about 4/5 m with nest material and behaving furtively, I just stood still and eventually it entered a clump of Japanese knotweed, after about 5 or 6 nest building events I had the nest site pin pointed, when the wind got up the building bird eased so during a windy spell I approached and even knowing were it was it took a minute or two to locate it, take a picture and beat a retreat, probably missing a 15 second Marsh harrier food pass!!! I never saw a marsh harrier during two hours but the willow warbler nest building was compensation enough.

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