10th July, I had seen a single Osprey a few times while looking for Marsh harriers but I had not spotted a previous nest being refurbished. I think the female from this years pairing has disappeared and the male although he has a competent nest nearby (the original site) has started to refurbish a past frustration nest that subsequently blew down breaking the contained eggs. So why is this happening? I don't know, perhaps time is playing on his talons. He (assumed) was observed flying into a dead tree to snap off a branch so there is a bit of effort happening not just scooping up sticks from the river, this branch breaking took several attempts and the reward was a substantial branch. So next year will be interesting with two nests within a kilometre of each other and belonging to one pair. The Marsh harriers on their third attempt in this observed reedbed have succeeded in raising two juvs, I say harriers in pural but I suspect this nest was a single mother's attempt and the male was bigamous or incapable of parental duty. The outcome may well have been different if the weather had not been so dry and warm as the female was away from the nest when she should have been brooding or in protection mode.

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  1. July 24, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    subsequently another birder has three juvs from this nest and a male bringing food. I did wonder if there were more juvs as the two I spotted kept near the nest and one was wing exercising. I was out on the 23rd and had one juv probably well fed and for near an hour and a half perched in a tree, not great birding, but pleasing to see success in nature.

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